Zeerust Primary School, Victoria

Dr Peter Farrell, EdD

School Principal

What challenge were you trying to solve by using MathsClub?

Our school is small. Very small and there are gaps between grades. This year we had a lone Grade 6 and the next cohort of students were in Grade 4. We were concerned that our lone Grade 6 wouldn’t get some of the very specific mathematical teaching in a general whole class situation. MathsClub helped us to address this problem. Later they extended their offerings to include Grade 4s and in the interests of providing mathematic tutoring to all our senior students we included them too.

Have you observed any changes in students enrolled?

Two of the girls were already fairly confident mathematicians while one had less confidence and basic knowledge. All girls have shown greater confidence, motivation and knowledge. I am looking forward to seeing the results of our regular maths tests this coming November.

Apart from maths learning & confidence building, do you see any other benefits to your students working with people not from the local area?

By a weird set of circumstances our school is near a very multicultural regional city but is a mono-culture itself. Working with people from another country has helped the girls assimilate into the wider community.

What’s been your experience of the MathsClub team so far?


How was MathsClub able to support you during the Covid disruption?

The girls continued with their scheduled sessions, but from home. Weekly updates kept me and their parents in the loop.

Will MathsClub remain a regular intervention program for your school?

It depends upon the needs and make-up of the students, our next year’s Grade 4s would definitely benefit.

Do you think other schools would benefit from MathsClub? If so, why?

I think one of the great strengths of MathsClub is its pedagogical model. The children are continually engaged in a dialogue with their tutors and for the whole of the 45 minute session they are ‘doing mathematical thinking’. For a school like ours where you may have one child in a grade I know that for a small part of the week that child is really doing challenging maths.