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MathsClub provides high impact personalised maths teaching via online weekly 1-to-1 sessions. See how we can transform outcomes for 3 of your students with our free 3 week trial.

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Individual teaching

Each student is assigned their very own tutor who will work 1-to-1 with them every session to build confidence & improve their maths learning.

  • Learner enjoyment 90% 90%
  • Learner confidence 90% 90%

Easy to use

You choose the students, the learning plans and the time slots that fit around your timetable. We do everything else including sending you weekly reports.

  • Customer Satisfaction 95% 95%

Excellent Value

Our affordable & scalable programs mean that we are able to meet the changing demands of schools to ensure we deliver
value for money.

  • School retention 95% 95%

How do we help schools?

  • Flexible time slots for your timetable
  • Weekly reports on progress & attitudes
  • 30+ learning plans to choose from
  • Plug learning gaps
  • Pre teach a topic
  • Reinforce class teaching
  • Stretch students
  • NAPLAN prep
  • Free up teacher time
  • Support composite year groups
  • Boost confidence
  • Improve verbal reasoning
  • Develop growth mindset
  • Broaden student horizons
How do we get started with the free trial?

First you enter your details using the form above, we then confirm your time slots and send you a form to enter student details & learning plan selections. We’ll then share your school & admin page and a link for you to schedule a test session with us. During this test session, we’ll confirm your setup and answer any questions you may have before the trial begins.

Which students should I pick?

We recommend selecting a range of students so you can see how each responds i.e. high/medium/low attaining. Where possible, students should come from the same class, as we find students engage better when they feel they are not being singled out and are part of a group.

What do you teach?

Our mastery learning plans are aligned with the National Curriculum and cover all content domains of Mathematics learning to help your students achieve. Each learning plan is a series of lessons that scaffold towards mastery. Each lesson follows the same student centric learning focus that promotes verbal reasoning. Please see here for more information.

How does the trial work?

The trial involves three students receiving 1-to-1 maths support in the form of online 45 min tutoring sessions delivered twice a week. The first session for each student will be an orientation session to put students at ease, familiarise them with our online classroom and check the appropriateness of the selected learning plan. You’ll then receive weekly reports on their progress & attitude.

What happens after the trial?

If you are happy with the program and would like to continue, then just let us know, and you’ll only be charged for sessions after the free trial finishes.

How much does MathsClub usually cost?

We charge on a weekly time slot basis where the longer schools commit for, the cheaper it works out to. You can view our pricing here. We also provide education equity subsidies to small and/or rural schools. To find out more about our subsidies and pricing email us at  

Are there other schools using MathsClub?

MathsClub has been working with schools across Australia since January 2020. We have lots of feedback and case studies from principals that you can view here.

If I cancel, do we have to pay anything?

No, the trial is completely free. You can cancel at any point before or during the trial and you won’t be charged at all. 

Do I need to install software or hardware?

No software other than Google Chrome is required. We do ask that schools use headsets with mics to ensure tutors and students can focus without picking up all the background noise. We can help out with headsets if you don’t have any.

How safe is MathsClub?

Extremely safe. All sessions take place in our secure online classroom with all sessions recorded for quality and training purposes. All of our tutors are background checked and cleared to work with children. MathsClub follows a strict data and safeguarding policy with staff receiving regular training. Our team is building on practices that we have developed whilst working with 100s schools in the UK. 

I still have more questions…

Please look through our complete FAQs and if you can’t find what you’re looking for please email us at