Setting up is as easy as 1 2 3!

1. Select Students 

Pick the students you want to enrol for sessions, fill in their details in the student information sheet and email to

2. Test Equipment

Book a time for us to check your equipment set up. This is to confirm that your students can access our online classroom through their devices.

3. Get Ready!

On the day of the sessions, have headsets ready for all students & your MathsClub school page bookmarked on their devices. Then you’re all set up!

Which students should you enrol? 

You could use MathsClub to:

  • Build students’ confidence in maths
  • Help students working below their expected level
  • Stretch more able students
  • Pre-teach/suppliment teaching for a whole class
  • Support students who have gaps in fundamental maths concepts

How do you log on to sessions?

What topics will students be learning?

You can see all the available learning plans here

How can you inform parents about the program?

You can share the MathsClub parent information letter 

What is the ideal equipment set up?
  • Venue – a quiet place with students spaced out to focus
  • Machine – desktops/laptops operating on Microsoft Windows/Linux/MacOS/Android/iOS work best
  • Internet connection – wired connectoin is more stable but most schools use wireless
  • Browser – Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge is preferred
  • Audio – headsets with mics will endure students and tutors are not distracted by background noise
How can you self-check your set up?
  • Run an internet speedtest to confirm that the upload speed is 0.5Mbits & download speed it 1Mbits
  • Make sure that the browser is updated
  • Test sound ouput on the machine
  • Test your microphone
  • Check that the headset is working

If you have any questions, please refer to our FAQ page, drop an email to or Whatsapp/call us on +613 9017 1865