One to one tuition offers a proven solution to the problem of how to help students catch up that have fallen behind in their maths learning. Historically this has been a high cost program for schools but this is no longer the case.

Evidence For Learning (E4L) states that one to one tuition involves a teacher, teaching assistant or other adult giving a student intensive individual support. E4L’s Toolkit states there is extensive evidence that indicates this intervention strategy can yield 5+ months of added progress for students. The evidence is particularly strong for primary school learners as well as students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Why don’t more schools use one to one tuition?

Until recently, one to one tuition has required busy teachers to work additional hours outside of normal teaching. Another option is for schools to hire dedicated personnel, either as Teaching / Education Assistants or Learning Support Officers, which can be expensive and difficult depending on where the school is located. In addition to staffing, schools must also consider the logistics of where & when tuition takes place and how such timetabling may impact general teaching. 

Rural Y5 student receiving one to one tuition from MathsClub

Does group tuition have the same impact?

One strategy that mitigates the above challenges is to run small group tuition instead. While this may reduce costs and disruption, it also can reduce engagement and impact. The E4L Toolkit states the small group tuition results in less impact and has limited evidence when compared to one to one tuition. 

In order to address students’ maths anxiety, a student’s social and emotional needs must be provided for as per Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. This is where one to one tuition has the ability to nurture the student’s growth mindset and therefore deliver superior outcomes. That said, it is possible to build a similar safe environment within a small group setting though it requires a skilled educator with strong EQ. 

How can you make one to one tuition effective?

Very simply, identify the students who need extra support and put them on an intensive program where they receive 2-3 sessions of individual teaching per week. The tuition should be linked to normal teaching and class teachers ideally should be aware of progress and encourage students to make links between intervention and normal lessons. Where students do make connections, teachers should celebrate and praise students to reinforce positive attitudes towards the student’s personal progress.

“MathsClub stood out because of the fact that is was 1-to-1 tutoring and it was within our budget”

Paul Harper-Green

Principal, Wyandra State School, QLD

Why is MathsClub’s one to one tuition so effective?

MathsClub provides highly trained specialist maths tutors to work with your students via a safe and secure environment. Students love working with their very own tutors in our online classroom. There’s no camera which means no judgement for them. Instead, students and tutors work together while continually discussing and explaining the learning taking place.

This experience ensures students feel safe and confident to stretch their learning and make mistakes along the way. By working online, MathsClub reduces disruption for schools as students can have their sessions at the same time.

Our affordable pricing has allowed schools to book several regular sessions per week which students do at school or at home if required to. If you would like to learn more about how we can support your school, please book a demo with our team using the form below.

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