Getting intervention right can be a challenge. Trust us, we know.

Balancing budgets, resourcing teachers, maintaining staff morale, managing remote and in-school learning, teaching composite classes, exam pressures, the list goes on…

Maths intervention can be tricky to nail, and with the recent surge in online program offerings in particular, it can be a challenge to identify which are even worth your consideration.

Every school is unique, as are its students, and you want to be sure that your individual needs will be met when making any investment in student learning. A program may look and sound great, but how can you be sure it’s right for your school?

Below is our super quick guide to help you understand how implementing MathsClub works. Along with this, download our School Self Assessment Guide to help you decide if MathsClub is the right fit for you.

School Self Assessment Guide 

Implementing MathsClub: How It Works

1. Assess

  • Identify the problems you are trying to solve
  • Explore support options (book a free consultation)
  • Check school technology set up (all students need are devices and the internet!)

2. Implement

  • Schedule sessions to fit around your school time table 
  • Target students and select Learning Plans
  • Establish positive learning routines 
  • Utilise MathsClub support available

3. Evaluate

  • Speak to students about their learning
  • Review regular & summative progress updates 
  • Consider rotating students termly to maximise impact

Still unsure, or have more questions? Our team would love to offer a no-commitment, free consultation. 


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