Let’s see how
MathsClub works

Our approach

We do more than just teach maths. We develop children into confident, proactive and resilient learners, ready to take on the world!

Growth mindset

We encourage a growth mindset in students to help them to take on challenges in maths, learning and life

Verbal fluency

Our tutors create a safe space for students to develop their verbal reasoning skills

Enjoy maths

Students make better progress when they are engaged and have the opportunity to experience success

Early intervention

Intervening early prevents further falling behind due to gaps in foundational maths learning

Personalised support

We know that every student is different, and requires personalised support to be able to meet their goals

Teaching for mastery

We help students become confident mathematicians and creative problem-solvers

Online Classroom

Our online classroom is designed for learning; students use it to actively explore and discuss their maths understanding.

Interactive classroom

Students use the shared whiteboard to read and underline key words, draw diagrams and show their working out on the screen visible to the tutor.

Continuous discussion

Students use their headsets to discuss concepts with their tutors. They explain their thinking, justify their reasoning and ask questions about their learning.

Safe and secure

All our sessions are recorded in line with our Child Safety and Protection Policy, and to allow our team to quality assure our service provided.

Our tutors

Our tutors are maths experts who always put students first.

Tutors, not lecturers

Teach in line with our student-centred ethos, actively involving students in their learning

Maths specialists

Subject matter experts who love helping students connect maths to the real world

Humans, not computers

Far better at diagnosing student learning needs than a computer program

Safety checked

Fully background checked and adhere to our Safeguarding & Child Protection policies

Regular CPD

Engage in regular training and development led by our expert Academic team

Quality assured

Undergo intense assessment, training and evaluation to uphold our high standards

Let us support you

Our dedicated Schools and Academic team are committed to helping your students make progress and lessening the load for you and your staff.

  • Free consultations with our Academic team
  • Real time session support
  • Weekly and termly session reports
  • Flexibility to meet your needs
  • Extra support for COVID19 disruptions

“The parents were excited to hear that this opportunity was out there, that no matter where the students live, they can be a part of it.”

Joel McCaskie

Mungallala State School, Queensland