Do you know which mindset your students have? 

Growth Mindset

Research has shown that students who learn to develop a growth mindset make better progress in mathematics and engage more with their learning.

Fixed Mindset

Students with a fixed mindset struggle to overcome challenges as they may avoid taking risks or lack resilience to persevere through struggles.

Use the Mindset Survey to;

  • Identify students who may be in more need of support
  • Start a class discussion around having a Growth Mindset
  • Share tips to ‘train your brain’ for maths learning

Find out students' mindsets

  1. Simply copy, paste and send the URL or load on students’ computers.
  2. Take note of the score given and reference it against the scale below.
  3. Use the results to help students improve mindsets towards maths!

Reference Scale

MathsClub helps to students build confidence in maths and develop a Growth Mindset. Find out more about how it works here