Frequently Asked Questions

Your questions, answered simply. Feel free to contact us for further clarifications


Do all students have to sit their sessions at the same time?

No; you can stagger your students’ sessions to take place at different times, or even different days, to best suit your timetable. 

Staggering session timings may work better for you if your school’s internet bandwidth can be slow, or if you want to complete focus work with small groups whilst other students have their sessions.

Can I have students sit sessions more than once per week?

Yes, of course! You can choose to have students take as many sessions per week as you see fit. Students of lower ability, or those who struggle with retention of information may benefit more from two or three sessions per week.

Can I change students or time slots during the program?

If you purchase the two or four term package you can rotate students at the end of each term. Just let our team know that you would like different students for the following term and they will do the rest! 

If your school timetable changes and you would like to change your students’ session time slots, just let our team know and we will try our best to accommodate your needs.

What if my students are absent or if we need to reschedule a session?

We know schools are busy places and sometimes changes to regular timetables happen. If you give more than 24 hours notice we can reschedule the session for you.

Can students complete their sessions from home?

If they have a laptop/PC and an internet connection – yes! Lots of our schools (and parents/guardians) have benefitted from having students complete their sessions from home during the Covid-19 pandemic, to ensure learning can continue. Students log-on in exactly the same way and we keep you updated on progress for every session, as usual.

Teaching and Learning

Which students should I enrol on to Maths Club?

MathsClub can be used to support students with a wide range of needs. You could use MathsClub to; 

  • Support students in need of more confidence building in maths 
  • Help students working below their expected level group to catch up 
  • Support students with gaps in basic maths concepts
  • Stretch your more able students who are in need of some challenge 
  • Pre-teach or suppliment class teaching for a whole class

We provide free of charge consultations should you wish to discuss further how to best utilise MathsClub for your school.

Which Learning Plan topic(s) should I pick?

This depends on your students, and how you wish to use MathsClub. You could:

  • Choose the substrand which best supplements your classroom teaching 
  • Choose the substrand which you plan to teach in the next term, in order to pre-teach
  • Choose the substrand which your student(s) needs the most support with; to plug gaps or to prepare for assessments

If you are still unsure, the Number and Place Value LP is a great starting point for all students, especially those who need an extra boost in basic numeracy skills.

What level of Learning Plan should I pick?

For students who are working below their expected level, are in need of building more confidence in maths and/or are prone to ‘maths anxiety’, we recommend the Support level. For students who are on track to meet or exceed expectations for their year group, we recommend the Stretch level. Our Academic team monitors student progress and, if they think the student would benefit from a different levelled LP they will let you know. Our tutors are also well experienced in adapting according to the student’s level; scaffolding or extending learning as required.

Can I choose the lessons to be covered?

If the Mastery Learning Plans don’t meet your teaching needs, get in touch with our team who will be happy to work with you to customise Learning Plans for your students, before the term begins. 

Should you wish to choose a one-off lesson or topic to be taught you can let us know and our team will sort out the rest. We ask that you give at least 24 hours notice to allow our tutors to prepare for the revised lesson choice in that week.

Will my students have the same tutor each week?

We match students and tutors before the term starts to ensure that students’ needs are best catered to. We strive for students to have the same tutor throughout. Of course, there may be the occasional swap of tutors in case of unplanned absences.

If schools request changes to session time slots, we cannot always guarantee that students will have the same tutors. 

Do you support students with Special Educational Needs?

Yes! We support students with a wide range of learning needs including Special Educational Needs and Learning Disabilities. All of our tutors are trained in teaching SEN learners.  Of course, for some learners who may struggle with accessibility, for example, MathsClub may not be the best form of intervention. If you are unsure if MathsClub would be right for your students, feel free to get in touch with the team to discuss further.

Are tutors trained/qualified?

The screening, onboarding, training and ongoing evaluation of our tutors is led by our team of Maths and Teaching specialists to ensure high standards of teaching and learning. All tutors must pass a rigorous screening process to assess Maths and English skills, then undergo intensive training including pedagogical theory & practices, mathematics teaching, safeguarding and supporting learners with Special Needs. Tutors must pass a final assessment before they teach sessions. Once the initial training period is passed, tutors are evaluated regularly under a framework similar to the Australian Professional Standards for Teaching, adapted specifically to teaching online with MathsClub.

Will my students be able to see their tutors?

No. We don’t use webcams for teaching to ensure that learning is focused on what takes place on the screen, and to better improve students’ verbal reasoning skills. We also find that not using cameras helps to conserve bandwidth, ensure a better experience for students.

Is this offered for any other subjects?

We only offer Maths intervention support at the moment.

Can I enroll students in higher year groups that year 6?

Currently we offer programs for years 3 – 6. If, however, you have older students who are working at a much lower level than expected for their year group, MathsClub may be a useful option to offer support in basic maths concepts, to help students catch up. Reach out to our team and they will be happy to help you figure out if MathsClub is right for you and your students.


Do tutors have a Working With Children Check (WWCC) /Blue Card Check/Working With Vulnerable People (WWVP) registration or equivalent?

Since our tutors are outside Australia they are not required nor able to have a WWWC/Blue Card/WWVP registration as these background checking systems are limited to information within Australia. However, be assured that child safety and wellbeing is our number one priority, and we are dedicated to our Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy. We ensure that:

  • All tutors must have an up to date Police Clearance certificate; their country’s equivalent to a WWCC/Blue Card/ WWVP
  • All tutors undergo safeguarding and child protection training regularly
  • Interactions consist of only shared whiteboard and audio channel (no video interaction
  • All interactions are recorded for QA and safeguarding purposes
  • Interactions are picked at random and audited for quality, training and compliance purposes
  • We do not hold personal identifiable information (surnames, D.O.B, location, etc) on students
How can I be sure that my students are in a safe environment?

MathsClub supports the rights of children and young people and is committed to ensure the safety, welfare and wellbeing of all students we work with. Our Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy draws on the Australian National Principals for Child Safe Organisations, released by the Australian Human Rights Commission and endorsed by the Council of Australian Governments.


How much does MathsClub cost?

See our pricing page for full details of costs. Your school may be eligible for further discounts as part of our Education Equity program. Our team will be able to advise you and discuss options

Are we able to trial MathsClub?

MathsClub recognises that schools would like the security to try MathsClub before committing to a 4 Term plan. Therefore, to make sure schools don’t miss out on saving the 4 Term discount, we offer the following break clause.
Schools that sign up for a 4 term plan will have the option to break after the 1st term. Having already invoiced up front for the 4 term price, MathsClub will only charge on a single term basis (at 1-Term the one term cost) and will therefore refund the difference, if the school wishes to discontinue using MathsClub. Schools that wish to exercise the break clause must notify MathsClub via email at least two weeks before the end of their first term of use.

Is our school eligible for any discounts?

As part of our commitment to education equity, we provide further financial support to schools based on enrollment numbers and location. Get in touch with our team to discuss your options.

Technical set up

What are the technical requirements to use MathsClub?
Set up Acceptable Ideal
Device Desktop/Laptop/ipad/Tablet Desktop/Laptop
Operating system Microsoft Windows/ Linux/ MacOS/ Android/ iOS Any
Internet connection Wired/WiFi/4G
Upload speed > 0.5MBPS; Download speed > 1MBPS
Wired with minimum upload & download speeds
Browser Google Chrome/Microsoft Edge/Firefox/Safari Google Chrome / Safari (for Mac/ipad)
Audio Sound system on device Headset with mic
Venue Anywhere students can focus Quiet space