Bobs Farm Public School, NSW

Megan Elliott

School Principal B.A, M.Ed.Stud, Dip Teach


What motivated you to try MathsClub at your school?

A senior primary student had disengaged and had been avoiding maths learning. She had fallen behind in her year levels. MathsClub was a way of re-engaging her in maths in a busy classroom. We trialled 2 students on a program which was effective.

How have your students responded to MathsClub?

Both students have loved the program! They liked getting their new headsets, having their own tutor who could explain concepts well at an individual level. Students explain their mathematical reasoning and are assisted every step of the way.

Would you consider enrolling more students on MathsClub? 

Yes, we have been very happy with the individual student support, feedback and follow up from the company. 

How does MathsClub compare to other programs you have used?

MathsClub is an individual maths tutor program. It’s personable, friendly and re-engaging for the student. The teacher has received student reports by email. Other online programs we have used do not have the person to person interaction.

What would you  say to other schools considering using MathsClub?  

MathsClub has enabled a struggling student to re-engage in her maths learning, gain confidence and feel success again. A more able student was also involved in a program so they both felt special. The school paid for the program which was much more affordable than the parents paying for a private tutor. Our small school would highly recommend MathsClub. They are highly professional, flexible, supportive and followed our curriculum well.