Leanne Hohnke-Jansen

Principal, Bedourie State School, Queensland


What led you to try MathsClub at your school?

We had two newer students (sisters), who were achieving well below their expected level. They had been on distance education prior to joining us, so were very used to a one on one situation, and really struggled to engage in the whole classroom setting.

How did your students respond to having their very own tutor?

These girls were very used to this style of delivery and learning, so they have responded extremely well.

What changes, if any, have you observed in your students’ attitude, mindset and confidence toward maths and learning in general?

All of the above have improved dramatically!! This is not only the case with their maths, but throughout all of their learning.

Would you consider enrolling more of your students?

We have already discussed this at a school level, and can certainly see the value in enrolling students when they require extra support around specific topics.  At this point in time, our extension work is usually done in conjunction with the Impact Centre, but I certainly wouldn’t rule out using MathsClub for this either.

What would you say to other schools considering using MathsClub? 

Give it a go!! We have been very pleased with the results we are getting, as well as the communication we receive re student progress.