About MathsClub

We help primary schools to support their students to make progress and build confidence while enjoying maths.

Our vision and values

We envision a future where all students can access exceptional and personalised educational opportunities that enable them to change the world.

  • Innovation

  • Respect

  • Passion

  • Humility

  • Citizenship

Our specialist team has over 6 years of experience of helping students in the UK.

During this time we,

Supported 1500+ primary schools

Oversaw 600,000+
online 1-to-1 sessions

Helped 50,000+
students to succeed

Our story

MathsClub is based in Singapore with operations across Asia. It was founded by a team of British maths teachers who believe everyone can succeed with maths. It just takes different amounts of time to master concepts and a growth mindset to persevere.

Our team helped build Third Space Learning in the UK which today provides 1000s of primary school students with 1-to-1 maths intervention support.

We launched MathsClub in Australia in 2020 to make high quality personalised maths intervention accessible to as many primary schools as possible.

Global citizenship

Whether we are tackling climate change, automation or pandemics we must all embrace the essential global citizenship values of empathy, communication and cooperation. MathsClub does this by connecting global teaching talent to Australian primary schools.

Our main tutor operations centre is based in Sri Lanka which allows us to create meaningful employment whilst ensuring affordable and scalable intervention support.

Schools have embraced the global exposure that MathsClub provides. Teachers know that by working with our tutors, their students are gaining 21st century skills that will help them succeed in a more globalised future.

“It’s been good to give them that experience because often the kids we have here have a very limited life experience of the world…. This has led to plenty of conversations around where their tutors are from, and that’s led on to other stuff which is great.”

Eloise O’Brien

Class Teacher 3-6
Yinnar South Primary School, Victoria

Education equity

MathsClub believes every child has the potential to change the world or at least their own.

We are committed to addressing education equity, which is why we believe all students should have access to 1-to-1 support, not just those whose parents can afford it. MathsClub commits to donating 10% of profit towards education charities.

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