As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to intensify, countries around the world are having to consider impact of containment measures vs disruption to social and economic lives

Australia is currently considering a school shut-down which will severely impact students and families. School principals are having to look at how to support their students during this period

Here are 4 strategies to consider for your school

1. Managed online learning

There are many popular digital learning websites that allow teachers to register students and set assignments for them to complete. Matheletics is a great way to set assignments to all students. Hopefully your school is already using some of these

2. Self learning resources

In contrast to managed online learning, there are many more self learning digital resources that promote lifelong learning mantra. Here the learner is able to explore their interest and define their own curriculum.

Resources such as this could include great learning channels on YouTube (such as Crash course) or Khan Academy (teachers can track progress if assigned as a coach) or even Duolingo which allows you to learn languages for free. This self guided learning really requires students who are motivated with good self management skills

3. Teachers teaching via video conferencing

Intrepid teachers may wish to give video conferencing a go. All you would need is to have a webcam and virtual conferencing platform. Google hangouts is a free platform where you can create calendar event and invite your students or share the hangout link with them. They can then join the hangout and you can teach them whilst even sharing your screen.

There are more sophisticated platforms that will allow you to have chatbox, poll questions and grant annotate access so that students can interact with the learning resources on screen.

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4. Online one-to-one tutoring with MathsClub

MathsClub provides schools the option for students to receive one-to-one Maths tutoring at school or at home. Therefore this may be the ideal solution if your school has target students who need to improve in their numeracy and maths skills. Students are able to log on to their secure virtual classroom to receive their one-to-one tutoring as shown below

We have received inquiries about setting up programs ranging from 1 session per week for a student to daily sessions with most in needs students. If you would like to learn more, pleas book a free demo

Leave a comment if you have any other good suggestions/strategies/resources that can help ensure students don’t miss out on valuable learning time.