Reflection is important for all of us. Reflecting helps us become more self-aware as we develop a better understanding of where we’re currently at, where we are going, and how best to get there. 

Providing ample opportunity for self-reflection helps develop learners’ metacognition. Students with good metacognitive skills are able to self-regulate their own learning and thus make better progress. Reflection, however, isn’t an easy skill for all. Many students either struggle to know how to self-reflect, or don’t realise the value in doing so. That’s where you come in!

All good teachers recognise the value in questioning. Here we’ve listed 10 questions which you can ask your students in order to help them reflect. Try asking from the class during your usual plenary section of the lesson, printing on ‘exit tickets’ or encouraging students to ask each other

  • How did you learn best today?

  • What could you have done better? 

  • At what point did you struggle today? What would you do differently the next time you’re faced with a similar problem?

  • Can you apply what you’ve learnt today to other situations? 

  • What are you proud about today? 

  • How did you work with others? How could you improve for next time?

  • What resources did you use to help you find answers? 

  • Could you teach what you have learnt to someone else? Why or why not? 

  • Did anything get in the way of you making progress today?

  • What surprised you about what you learnt today?